The Lies of Locke Lamora

I purchased the Kindle version of this book after hearing the Legendarium podcast on it, then it just sat there unread for months and months, until I discovered the Caravan App. This is a site where you can group-read any of a number of books online. Don’t see one you like? Start your own book read-through. See here for more info.

Anyway, I’m really glad Nic Nacks Corner had a group-read for this one, because that encouraged me to go ahead and read it.

In this story, the main protagonist, Locke Lamora, is orphaned as a small child. The society in which he lives relegates him to the thieves, where he not only outshines everyone else, he actually gets into trouble for going too far on more than once occasion. He ends up with Chains, a Priest of Perelandra, who teaches him not only the fine art of thievery but more pedestrian things like cooking.

We jump forward in Locke’s life to read about his exploits in Camorra with several flashback chapters to fill in various details. He makes friends with the others who are under Chains’ care, and the group calls themselves the Gentlemen Bastards. Each time you think Locke and his friends are in a situation that is inescapable, Lynch turns up the heat and the group ends up not only working something out, but finding themselves in an even more precarious predicament.

I alternated between the Kindle version, physical book, and the Audible version. It was super enjoyable to listen to Michael Page as he read the book with a lot of energy and supplied many different voices for the various characters.