How to Make the Best Cup of Earl Grey Tea

How do you make the best cup of Earl Grey Tea? The most important factor is good ingredients, the tea itself. Adagio Teas offers many different teas, including several varieties of Earl Grey.

Adagio Teas also sells an ingenious teapot that they call ingenuiTEA. This teapot allows you to brew your loose tea within the pot of water. Once the tea has steeped, you simply place the ingenuiTEA on top of your cup, and the tea drains through the bottom and into your cup.

I used to brew loose tea with either a tea ball or a French press, depending on how much tea I wanted. The tea ball never really allowed the various ingredients to open well, and wow, was it difficult to clean a French press after using it to brew loose tea. The ingenuiTEA has changed all of that. I’ve already used it twice, the second time I forgot to clean out the tea until the next morning. Even so, cleaning was very easy to do.

The trick to brewing great tea is to follow the company’s instructions for steep time. A lot of people think that if you simply brew longer, you will have a stronger cup of tea. But what happens is there are particles released into your cup, called tannins, that actually cause bitterness.

So, to summarize, the way to brew the best cup of tea:

  1. Make sure you have excellent tea to brew. Adagio Teas is a great source of quality teas.
  2. Brew your loose tea in something that allows the ingredients to expand. The ingenuiTEA is a great teapot for this.
  3. Follow the tea company’s instructions on brewing time, making sure to steep neither too long, nor too short

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