Echo Auto Review - GasBuddy

Why is the GasBuddy skill so useful when combined with the Echo Auto? Over the course of several days, I tested the GasBuddy skill, asking questions about where to find gas, where to find the cheapest gas, and where to find the closest gas.

The responses were varied, even when I asked the GasBuddy skill the same question using exactly the same words. Since GasBuddy contains user-generated content, not all stations have recent updates. In this case, all the skill can do is let you know the station name and address and how far it is from you, but not any of the pricing details. You can also get directions to the station.

However, when you ask about a station that does have pricing details, you will get a lot of useful information. The skill lets you know the prices for all available grades and you can follow-up with questions about whether the station has a restroom or a restaurant.

This should be the first skill you enable for your Echo Auto.