Imagine you’re driving to work on Monday morning. You’re listening to your favorite podcast, or maybe just zoning out to some tunes in the background. Ah, but as you take a sip of your coffee, wisely made at home, you remember the last few dribbles of half-and-half as they fell into your cup this morning.

But you have at least another twenty minutes of highway driving before you arrive at the office. What to do? You could fumble with your phone (illegal in most states as of this writing), and attempt to add to your list. You could try to take an analog note on paper, but that’s no more safe than looking at your phone. And who knows where that piece of paper will end up.

But then you remember, you just installed the Amazon Echo Auto in your car over the weekend.

“Alexa, add half-and-half to my shopping list.”

“Okay,” the familiar voice replies.

Done. And the list that is always with you as long as you have your phone and an Internet connection, has been updated.

You remember Fred, the weird IT guy, had put an Amazon Echo Dot in his car. At the time, you thought to yourself how much you would have liked to do that yourself, but when he explained how to do it, it sounded pretty complicated. Good thing you got an invitation for the Amazon Echo Auto.

What, you haven’t gotten yours yet? You can’t find it on Amazon? Watch to the end of the video above for a chance to get an invitation to purchase one at half price.

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