Railway crossing signalWhy start a blog now? There are already millions of blogs out there, why one more?

My name is Reid Cardwell and I recently moved into the house my grandfather built after World War II using wood from the army barracks. The house is old, and the ceilings are low (7 feet), but it is also full of memories of my childhood. My Nanny and Paw Paw lived here and raised my mom and her sister on land given to them by my Nanny’s father.

My Paw Paw worked for Southern Railway for 41 years, and I have prints on my wall similar to the pictures shown in this post, along with some of my own photography of trains, as a sort of tribute to him.

As as an Interactive Programmer for a local advertising agency, I work all day with digital media, setting up and managing servers at AWS, building and maintaining websites, and all the goodness that goes along with those things. It’s time I used those skills for something of my own.

Railroad switchI’ll be using this space to document the things I’m doing to make this my home and turn the property into a homestead.  Things I’m learning and doing inside and out. As we go, it’s my hope that you’ll find something that will help you on your journey.